Amazing Cakes

The idea of the birthday cake was born long ago and is said to have started in ancient Rome when they would serve cakes at special birthdays.

Ace of Cakes Creation

Today cake making and decorating is an art form that is even chronicled in such television shows as “Cake Boss” and “Ace of Cakes”. New techniques are used to make the most tasteful and aesthetically pleasing cake for their customers. Birthday cakes are now truly an art form that celebrate the person having a birthday and express the person that they are.

Luau Themed Cake

Over the years, cakes have evolved in looks and taste. Today in America, cakes are most likely many layers with icing and can have different flavored fillings. Often times, there are personalized messages or pictures on top of the cake. As these changes have taken place there has been a general advancement in the way food is prepared, leading to many bakers and chefs specializing in the creation of pastries and cakes.

Happy Birthday Cake (Ace of Cakes)


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