Arte En La Comida

The Spanish “tapa” is more or less an appetizer served in bars and restaurants throughout Spain. It is a small serving of food and is most always enjoyed with a glass of wine.


Tapas are very colorful dishes and the presentation at bars and restaurants is carefully thought out. Because the dishes often times are aesthetically pleasing, they can be considered art but what the tapas represent in the Spanish culture is the real reason they can be considered art.

Mas Spanish Tapas

The tapas bring people together to enjoy each other’s company and they are a huge part of the friendly, family-oriented culture of the Spanish people. Just as a work of art brings people together, tapas bring family and friends together enjoy the food, drink wine, and socialize. I have found two quotes that seem to fit perfectly:

“Spanish tapas is at the very heart of their lifestyle and culture”

“Tapas mean sociability, friends, and family”

Beauty in the Food


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